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​​ Killer Beach Umbrellas​​
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Hi.  I'm Ed Quigley.  I set up Beach Umbrella Safety because the oak shaft of a windblown beach umbrella penetrated my left eye.  I don't want anyone else to go through the pain that I experienced or the anguish that my family felt.  Each year thousands are injured and some die.  Since my accident, I've met others injured by beach umbrellas and I also went to the funeral service for a woman who died from a windblown beach umbrella.

Update 8/10/2019: 13 Year Old Boy Impaled by Beach Umbrella (
Click to see story. )

Update 7/30/2019: Virginia Senators Warner and Kaine send another letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  ( Click to see story.)

Update 7/16/2019:  My interview with  WBAL-TV (Baltimore, MD)   Link to Article

Editorial:  Since my accident in 2015 there have been a number of other incidents that cause the media to broadcast the horror of the most severe beach umbrella accidents.  In fact thousands happen each year.  Most go unreported in the media and only a fraction get reported in official data collected by the federal government.  In March of 2019 Doug Belk (the husband of Lotte Belk who died when a windblown beach umbrella pierced her chest) and I visited Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  We met with the staffs of Senator Menendez of New Jersey and Senator Warner of Virginia, as well as Senator Kaine of Virginia and Congressman Pallone of New Jersey.  Senantor Warner and Senator Menendez sponsored a letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission requesting them to investigate what can be done to improve the safety of beach umbrellas.  This is a good first step, but action needs to come out of these efforts.

I have always prayed that a child is not injured.  My prayers were answered when a windblown beach umbrella narrowly missed a toddler.  Click on the " Latest News " button to read the story and view the chilling video.

​Most of the news stories about beach umbrella accidents end with a lifeguard giving advice on how to properly install a beach umbrella in the sand.  The rocking back and forth motion that they suggest is only marginally more effective than any other method that puts the shaft at least 16 to 20 inches into the sand.  Tipping the umbrella into the wind helps some, but is not a guarantee that the wind won't pull the umbrella out of the sand.  The only solution that I believe to be effective is to put significant weight at the base of the umbrella.

The curved top of an umbrella is an airfoil, just like an airplane wing.  The air that travels over the top of the umbrella creates a low pressure area.  If there is not enough weight to counteract the lift, the umbrella will fly.  The friction of the sand around an umbrella shaft is not sufficient to keep the umbrella stationary on a windy day or if a wind gust strikes the umbrella!

I believe that people need shade on the beach.  Umbrellas can provide the shade, but they need to be safe!