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​​ Killer Beach Umbrellas​​
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People have died & thousands are injured each year!

Cause of death determined for woman killed by umbrella at ...

“We saw a runaway umbrella that was end over end flipping on itself,” said Terry Bouchard, a tourist visiting from Florida. “It was traveling quickly, the umbrella, it was very windy and it had picked up momentum from rolling in the wind.”

Karen West Moton, a close friend, says Belk was in Virginia Beach for her recent wedding anniversary and her upcoming birthday.  Moton says Belk, an Army veteran, leaves behind her husband and two daughters.

“She loved the beach and she loved being outside,” said Moton. “I don’t understand why they didn’t remove the umbrellas from the beach because of the wind. I don’t understand it. It breaks my heart to know that she is gone.”

Help the Beach Umbrella Safety organization educate the public.  People don't know how dangerous windblown beach umbrellas can be...

Umbrella Accidents

I'm not the only one who lost an eye...
Umbrella accident takes beachgoer's eye in Dennis - News ...
Umbrella accident takes beachgoer's eye in Dennis. Saturday. ... Beach umbrella injuries ... Officials from other towns on the Cape also said umbrella accidents are ...
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Not all accidents reported were due to windblown umbrellas.  Scrolling through the data is the only way to see specific examples.